Bolgrad Reserve Merlot

Volume: 0.75 l
Alcohol: 10,0% -13,0 % об.
Sugar content: 0.0 %
Consumption: +16 ºС - + 18 ºС
Storage: +8 - +20 ºС

Price: 76,00 ₴
Price / kg:

Bolgrad Reserve Merlot The rich variety of organoleptic properties which this beverage has allows you to spin Bolgrad Reserve Merlot off into the line item. Being produced from variety of Merlot grapes picked from the best plantations of the enterprise, the beverage is saturated with dark ruby coluor blending harmoniously the tones of plum, cherry, blueberry and mulberry. Aging in oak barrels gives the wine caramel tones, light tones of chocolate; coffee and vanilla are traced in a taste. It is recommended to be served with hot meat dishes. Red Dry Wine


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