Bolgrad State Wine Warehouse was established. Bolgrad State Wine Warehouse raw materials base was based on the fertile lands of the landlord Davydov and merchant Vasil’yev.


The largest in the country state farm named after Suvorov withdrew from the composition of the enterprise.


The enterprise gets the name “Bolgrad Winery” by the Order of the Food Industry People's Commissariat of the USSR as of April 28, 1945.

After the Great Patriotic War’s victory, former employees of the enterprise were able to return to work due to the liberation of the Town of Bolgrad from the occupation by the Soviet Army.


The contract for the developing of the Cognac Department was made. In the postwar years, plant management united up to 23 units of state wine stations in the villages of Reniyskiy and Bolgradskiy Districts placed in the random unsuitable, leased from the peasants, or waste mansions. 140 tons of grapes were manufactured by the specific wine stations in 1946. Procurement of the grapes was made in the collective farms and other enterprises that had grape plantings, as well as at the peasants’ places. Grape plantings were not systematic, mixtures of technical and table varieties were brought together at large plots. There were also a large number of hybrid varieties.

Before 1949, the enterprise did not possess own cooperage and containers for wine storage in sufficient quantity. Barrels and cement wells were leased from the peasants under the agreement. Husks were stored in the underground, cement basins. Husks and yeasts were processed in homemade mobile devices. Mobile steam generator – the locomotive was the steam source.

Plant management possessed farm household that cultivated vegetables, gourd fields, domestic animals feeding out in order to provide enterprise workers with food products.

2 dug wells with a volume of 6.5 cubic meters of water per day were the source of water supply. In addition, the water was carried out from the lake of Yalpug (Yalpuh) by motor vehicles.

In 1948 the construction of Cognac Department began.


Wine Bottling Department was created. 900 tons of grapes were processed.

Plant management ramps up production capacity, purchases equipment and mechanizes wine stations. Construction and acquisition of large metal containers is carried out.

The following was built:

4 wine warehouses for one million liters each.

1 wine warehouse with cellar for aging of brand wines for one million liters each

2 wine warehouses with volume of 600,000 liters and 300,000 liters each.


1,295 tons of grapes were processed.


Cognac Department was put in commission.

Soon, Cognac Department was span off into a separate self-supporting enterprise by the Order of Izmail Wine Trust No 475 as of December 27, 1951.

1,225 tons of grapes were processed.


"Perekurochnyi Cognac House" and plant management merged once again.

During 1935-1960 old thinned vineyards were repaired.

1965 Bolgrad Winery gets control over the abandoned Novo-Ivanovo Winery Management wine stations.

In  the collective farms old unsystematic mixed grape plantings were uprooted within new plantings fructification period.

New vineyards in the form of high-quality seedlings are planted. The range of raw materials is improved. Hybrid planting of vineyards are liquidated.

Since 1965, Bolgrad Winery production profile is manufacture of ordinary and brand, as well as sparkling, bulk wines and juice concentrates assorted up to 30 million liters a year with their transfer per co-operated deliveries to the secondary winemaking plants for bottle filling.


Improving of the quality and range of raw materials made it possible to improve the range and quality of output products.

Procurements and processing volume increased in 20 times as compared to 1951.

In 1976 38,760 tons of grapes were processed.


The total amount of vineyards in Bolgradskiy District was 9,946 ha as of 1978: 7,316 hectares of bearers, 103 hectares of new ones.

In the season of 1978 winery’s harvesting and processing plan was 46,250 tons of grapes per season.

- 13,420 tons for Bolgradskiy;

- 6,800 tons for Vasilyevskiy.;

- 15,330 tons for Chervonoarmeyskiy;

- 10,700 tons for Ogorodnenskiy.

Winery also produced matured pipe wine for organizations trading under the agreements.


Production departments are provided with welfare spaces and cultural maintenance rooms: TV sets, board games, political and technical libraries, movie halls.

During the summer months (from May to September) seaside recreational center operated for winery workers in 100 km from the Town of Bolgrad in the territory of Kiliyskiy District in the Village of Primorskoe.

Over the years, the main staff of workers, engineers and employees became permanent at the enterprise.

25 apartments for workers and employees were built by the winery; the construction of residential 12-apartment house in the Town of Bolgrad was planned. Residential two-apartment house for the workers of Vasil’yevskiy Wine Department, 5 apartments in the Village of Ogorodnee and residential two-apartment house in the Village of Chervonoarmeyskoe were built.

According to the accumulated period of work the following amount of people has worked in the enterprise:

From 1 to 5 years – 136 people;

From 5 to 10 years – 62 people;

From 10 to 15 years – 65 people;

From 15 to 20 years – 43 people;

Over 20 years – 46 people.

Many employees working indirectly advanced their skills, finished higher and secondary special educational institutions by correspondence course.

124 people had higher education in management positions, 24 people were with secondary special education.

Winery’s employees were awarded high government awards. Young specialists, engineers and employees, education of which received considerable attention, were regularly added to the winery’s staff.


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