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More than 100 years we bring joy to the citizens of Ukraine and other countries with the tasty and healthy wine which is produced from the own vineyards’ output yield of the fertile Region of Odessa. We value our reputation gained by the work of several generations who have devoted a lifetime to produce the best wines of Ukraine. We hope you will choose for yourselves the wine by preference from the offered product range; and we will produce it for you!

“Bolgrad Winery” is a large town-forming enterprise of the Town of Bolgrad of the Region of Odessa aimed to give love and joy to people. Hundreds of families are involved in the life of the enterprise; generations of specialists in various directions grow and develop. Many professionals, trained by the plant, are now at the head of the headed by the large enterprises, including the foreign ones. Some of them became the business owners. The enterprise helps schools and kindergartens of Bolgradkiy District. It is the sponsor of sports teams and social projects focused on the region development. At different times with various changes the plant, endowed with a special mission, focused on the life and successful development of the citizens of the region, survived preserving the property complex, entrusted by the government.


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Stepan Ivanovich Kurdov


Private joint-stock company "Bolgrad winery"


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