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Volume: 0.375 l
Alcohol: 10,0% -13,0% об.
Sugar content: 8%
Consumption: +16 ºС - +18 ºС
Storage: +8 - +20 ºС

Price: 350,00
Sales price 350,00
Price / kg:

The first in Ukraine and unique semisweet ice wine Kryzhane Riesling Wine is produced using the technology of famous wines of Canada and Germany and realized on the idea of the experienced and well-known winemaker S. I. Kurdov. Riesling grapes, intentionally saved on the bushes, are harvested at the first frost and temperatures of no less than 8 degrees below zero, and squeezed early in the morning, before dawn, so as crystallized water component of the grapes might not be able to melt. The irreplaceable juice got allows to create the wine with a nice golden color and rich soft fruity taste with a light crisp which will leave a sense of lightness and unique joy of paradise. It is recommended to serve with desserts, fruit.


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