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Bolgrad Reserve Chardonnay

Volume: 0.75 l
Alcohol: 10,0% -13,0% об.
Sugar content: 0.0%
Consumption: +16 ºС - +18 ºС
Storage: +8 - +20 ºС

Price: 95,00
Sales price 95,00
Price / kg:

The excellent opportunity is opened to the white dry wines enthusiasts to evaluate the transformation of selected varieties of Chardonnay grapes in a lovely beverage that will complement any decorated table. The wine harmonically goes with almost any kind of dish. The southern growing area provides the grapes with the special composition of acids and elements which make it possible to develop a wine special by taste with fruity tones in the composition blending with apple and citrus. Aging in oak barrels adds Bolgrad Reserve Chardonnay the tones of vanilla and “light” oak to the taste. It is recommended to be served with fish dishes, hard mild cheese, chicken dishes. White Dry Wine.


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