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Natalia Lyubimova We bought at graduation. I recommended the wine of the Bolgradsky winery to my parents, and we decided to buy in bulk with other parents on their website, because it is so much cheaper. All quickly and on time delivered. Wine is delicious and aromatic. Thank you very much!!! Very tasty wine!!!

Alexey Nesterchuk I like unusual wine. and having heard from acquaintances that Ice Wine appeared at the Bolgradsky winery, I decided to give it a try. Very interesting delicate taste, it is worth trying this new product to everyone.

Irina Khomutovich At 7 km in Odessa, there are two brand shops. We buy there.

Maxim Prokopchuk We work with Bag Inami Boxing BVZ, everything is fine. We know that there is a natural wine inside. And a very decent quality.

Anastasia Mirovchuk It has long been no longer drink semi-sweet wines. Compote compote, but then decided to try Bolgradsky semi-sweet Saperavi. Great wine. But because natural.

Yevgeny Nikitchuk Good wine. I know what's natural. Treated friends, really like it. My wife and I often come to visit. And in reserve there is always a bottle of sparkling BVZ, we like it and recommend it.

Alina Romanchuk The wine of Bolgrad Winery - good taste and wonderful aroma. Acceptable price. The most favorite of their catalog is Aligote.

Marina Yukhimchuk Already for 5 years with my husband, we enjoy ourselves with BVZ wine in the evenings. Inexpensive, product quality is good, there is an assortment. And the most important is a natural wine.

Tatyana Kovalchuk Often we are going with girls for gatherings. We love good wine. We support the domestic producer, so we drink exclusively the wines of the Bolgradsky winery, everything suits us.

Mikhail Litvin One of the most favorite wines, they like the fact that there is an opportunity to choose wine for any food and for any purse.

Elena Shmatko On New Year's Eve, buy BVZ Sparkling Wine. It is no worse than Martini Asti. The manager said that inside is a premium class chardonnay wine. Therefore, it is natural and tasty. And not cloying.

Anton Khromchenko I take Bolgrad wines for a long time. I know that the winemaker is good there ... today the winemaker is the face of the plant. There is no good winemaker, no good wine.

Vera Bidenko We were preparing for the wedding and needed wine, and a lot of it. We visited the site of the Bolgrad winery and we were very pleased with the price of wine. We ordered, the manager contacted us very quickly and everything came as promised, on time, thanks! Very pleased. All recommend.

Nadezhda Degtyareva I do not really understand the wines, but I really like the Bolgrad winery The sun in the glass. Sweet and tasty wine. Very rich bouquet.

Ekaterina Simonchuk Good wines for their price. My favorite is Chardonnay, with a perfect combination of fish and quite fragrant and tasty.

Denis Murgov Like wine BVZ. We advise you to try, pleasant aroma and very interesting taste.

Slava Tikhonova For your money one of the best Ukrainian wines. I really liked their Merlot Reserve. Beautiful bottle design and rich taste.

Ice wine

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White semisweet

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White semisweet

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